Populate Wall Street

A 5 week immersive program that gives the participants the foundational skills, knowledge and relationships they need to become agents of financial change and redesign Wall Street.




About the Program

This immersive four-city program presents a once in a lifetime opportunity. We are looking for curious, courageous and confident minds who are passionate about evolving the financial services industry. We are on a mission to help populate Wall Street with agents of change who advocate for a new way of thinking and a new set of core values.


When and Where

July 5 – August 4, 2017

New York City

18 days
July 5 – 21
August 4

Washington, D.C.

5 days
July 22 – 26

Austin, Texas

4 days
July 27 – 30

San Fransisco

5 days
July 31 – August 3

The Curriculum

Wall Street Immersion

  • Wall Street Overview
  • Investment Banking
  • Sales & Trading
  • Asset Management
  • Wealth Management
  • Research
  • Network & Industry Exposure

Forces of Change

  • Industry Disruption & Implications
  • Conscious Capitalism
  • Understanding the Supply Chain
  • The New Behavioral Finance
  • Workplace & Worker Evolution
  • Career Training & Equipment for Success
  • Start-Up Culture

The Industries

Financial Services



Food & Wellness

Media & Entertainment

Social Impact

Don’t occupy Wall Street, make it your occupation.

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About V2V Associates

V2V Associates is a team of like-minded, highly qualified creative and financial services professionals who have joined forces to meaningfully change the world of finance and investment. Using a design-based approach for each project we undertake, V2V Associates acts as consultants, capital providers, corporate transaction advisors and principals, sharing risk and reward with our clients. We have strategically assembled a platform of regulated businesses to provide optimal solutions to our clients. The V2V team has worked across segments, geographies, demographics and life-cycle stages of companies. We have a deep curiosity to learn from our clients and provide our global reach, network, experience and passion to accelerate enterprise value. Working closely with our clients, V2V creates a road map for growth built upon integrity and client values. Whether our clients are looking to grow their business, further their international distribution, or are considering an acquisition opportunity, V2V helps determine the optimal strategy and works alongside the client’s team through implementation. We believe that a smart, values-driven approach can positively influence the next generation of forward-thinking investors. V2V Associates is a new kind of financial services firm – entrepreneurial and agile by design, unburdened from banking bureaucracy and department driven hierarchies.

About Purpose Generation

Purpose Generation is a strategy and insights firm passionate about helping others understand the Millennial mindset. We help brands navigate how Millennials consume, work, invest, and communicate. We act as your guide to new environments, new trends, and a new consumer mindset. We are experts in capturing data and translating these insights into meaningful strategies. We are passionate about building authentic relationships with young thought leaders and connecting them to brands that matter. We are hungry to solve your Millennial challenges and increase your brand equity with the next generation of consumers. We work across a broad spectrum of industries with a focus on consumer-packaged goods, financial services, health & wellness, and technology. We work with a wide variety of clients, from Fortune 500 companies to early stage start-ups and non-profits. We started Purpose Generation because we recognized our peers’ desire to connect with brands in a more purposeful way. We want to represent the Millennial voice, inspiring co-creation and mutual learning between the brands and consumers of tomorrow.